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I have really gotten myself in over my head with too many irons in the fire. I haven't been on DA over the last few months as I have been trying to keep up with armour orders, attempting sharpen my 3d modeling skills and trying to learn C++ :)

I have had some really fun work though. I am currently finishing up restoration on a 16th century German suit of armour. You can see the helmet here… . I will try to upload some photos of the rest soon.

My friends Issac and Tracy of Princess Limousines had me repair the wheels on their 1913 brass model-T. I enjoyed doing it but Issac needs to slow his speed demon butt down! Driving 25mph!?! What was he thinking? hehe.

In between the afore mentioned stuff I continue to work on my armour making book and giving my assistance to another author for his book. Mine is going as slow as molasses though. I have two more big projects going on also but not quite ready to talk about them just yet.

I am pretty happy as things are starting to look up around here. I am still dirt poor but my, once fading, creativity is really coming back. Hopefully I will get a chance to apply it sometime soon hehe.
  • Reading: my post for errors.
  • Watching: myself do the pee pee dance.
  • Eating: Artists can't afford fancy things like food silly!
VinnyMartello Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It looks like you haven't been on DA in a few years. LOL
Marcusstratus Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
wow, well best of luck to you. I'm quite fond of your armouring skill. I've dabbled, but not more.
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